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At The Cummerbund Suspenders, we provide quality and sophistication to your formal attire. Learn more about our unique product on our About page.

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In April 2019, our founder, a father of the bride, faced a wardrobe challenge when he lost weight before his daughter's wedding. His custom tuxedo pants had no belt loops or adjuster buckles, leaving traditional suspenders as the only option to keep them up. Dissatisfied with the look of traditional suspenders, he created the Cummerbund Suspenders, a unique accessory that combines the functionality of suspenders with the elegance of a cummerbund. The adjustable hooks on the interior of the Cummerbund Suspenders attach directly to all buttons in the front and back of your tuxedo pants, while the adjustable waist portion allows for a perfect custom fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What’s the difference between this product from a traditional Cummerbund?

The Cummerbund Suspender has all the style of a traditional cummerbund but combines the functionality of suspenders within this product.

02. I am not a fan of Suspenders, why should I buy this product?
03. Does the product cater to big and tall sizes?
04. Cummerbunds have always slipped when I wear them, will the product solve this issue?
05. Does your product come in different colors?
06. I am a restaurant server, and required to wear tuxedo pants, shirt, and tie. How will this product be of value to me?
07. Will the Cummerbund Suspender be available as an accessory with tuxedo rentals?