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Our Passion for Perfecting Men's Formal Wear

Welcome to The Cummerbund Suspenders - where we provide quality, sophistication, and convenience to your formal attire. Our product is designed to enhance your experience of wearing a cummerbund during formal occasions.

In April 2019, our founder, a father of the bride, faced a wardrobe challenge when he lost weight before his daughter's wedding. His custom tuxedo pants had no belt loops or adjuster buckles, leaving traditional suspenders as the only option to keep them up. Dissatisfied with the look of traditional suspenders, he created the Cummerbund Suspenders, a unique accessory that combines the functionality of suspenders with the elegance of a cummerbund. The adjustable hooks on the interior of the Cummerbund Suspenders attach directly to all buttons in the front and back of your tuxedo pants, while the adjustable waist portion allows for a perfect custom fit.

We understand that wearing a cummerbund can be a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping it in place while maintaining a comfortable fit. That's why we have developed The Cummerbund Suspenders - a unique accessory that combines the functionality of suspenders with the elegance of a cummerbund.

Our Cummerbund Suspenders attach to the inside buttons of your tuxedo pants, holding them in place like traditional suspenders. At the same time, they keep your cummerbund perfectly positioned throughout the event. With adjustable straps, our product ensures that you get the desired custom fit you deserve, providing both comfort and style.

At The Cummerbund Suspenders, we take pride in providing you with top-quality products that make a statement. We believe that every formal occasion deserves an elegant touch, and our product delivers just that.


Discover the Elegance of The Cummerbund Suspenders

Experience a revolution in men's formal wear with our innovative Cummerbund Suspenders. If you have any questions, require assistance, or wish to provide feedback, our dedicated team is here to help. Let us guide you toward the ultimate tuxedo accessory for a flawless and memorable event.

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